MWD LIKE SRL  is a Romanian company that created the only comprehensive travel website in Romania in order to offer its viewers any travel information and advertise travel offers. is a travel website that presents the travel market in Romania. Launched on June 18th 2002, it has almost 10 years of existence. It was in the top 5 travel websites in Romania for the last 8 years.
Average views: 6000/day and in summertime it records an excess of 12.000 sole viewers per day. It is destined for both people who want to find out travel information or spend their holidays or week-ends in a pleasant way and the over 110.000 persons working in Romanian travel: hotel companies, travel and transportation agencies, professional associations, travel service suppliers etc.

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  1. Do they only give you information about Romania or they will also provide a travel guide that will help you throughout your trip?

  2. Ya they provide all the necessary information related to tour which help to enjoy more and keep away from harmful threads. Before to go on travel, every one should need to get and know all the important things like road map, emergency numbers, weather, best place for visiting etc.