Thursday, March 8, 2012

German tourist returning unspent money in Romania

German tourists who come for holidays in Romania is back with much of the unspent money to the recreational infrastructure is missing, and hoteliers have interactive programs to keep customers in restaurants, said Toni Messerschmidt, owner of German agents.
"Hoteliers do not know to make the German tourists to spend money in Romania. A German tourist comes with at least 500 euros him pocket money, but the average amount of money available to be spent on vacation is 2-3000 euros, "he told AFP Messerschmidt, who emigrated from Romania 80 years and founded Messerschmidt Reisen travel agency.
Messerschmidt said that the Germans back with money they spend holidays in Romania and that, on average, spend 3-400 euros, almost all the food and drink.
"There are no hotels in Romania that has animation, and the bars are no special programs, interactive. In Spain, for example, were animals in tourist hotels to stay in the bar and drink. There are organized in a restaurant every night - playing bingo, organized dances and all sorts of other programs.
In Romania there is not even of national souvenirs, and are not recreational programs. There are no boats or boats for cruises on the sea, between stations, as Bulgarians, jetski's only dangerous for many foreign tourists, who are no longer young, "he said, present at the Tourism Fair in Berlin.
Messerschmidt Reisen Agency annually brings some 1,200 German Romanian seaside.
The businessman added that Romanian tourism is a bad image in Germany because of thieves, beggars and prostitutes from Romania. However, Germany is the first provider of foreign tourists to Romania.
Last year, nearly 207,000 German tourists visited Romania, up by 12.1%.
Romania participates in ITB Berlin on March 7-11, the largest tourism fair in the world both in size and in number of visitors. At present Romania's stand of 45 exhibitors.


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