Tuesday, March 6, 2012

ANAT and FPTR launches program "A week in the mountains"

To increase the occupancy of hotel companies in the mountain region and to increase the accessibility of travel packages, Federation of Romanian Tourism Employers together with the National Association of Travel Agencies continue this year special program "A week mountain "

Due to the favorable results obtained in previous years under this program, the two associations want to bring extra vitality mountain tourism sector for the period March to June 2012.

Given that this program is developed are:

Length of stay is 5 nights, starting Sunday and ending Friday, between March 4 to June 22, 2012;
rooms in single harness, not exploit divisions.

Prices for a place a stay of 5 nights, no meal services, including VAT, are:
The hotel, villa, hostel, lodge 2 * 161 lei / stay
The hotel, villa, hostel, lodge 3 * 259 lei / stay
The hotel, villa, guest house, 4 * 368 lei / stay

To support the tourists, hotels and agencies who runs this program will be listed on the websites of two organizations - www.fptr.org and www.anat.ro.

- Mohammad Murad

- Corina Martin
|Table of
companies offering participate in the "A week in the mountains" March-June 2012

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